JB Hoover, Newport Beach

Principal and Founder of National Quality Construction based in Newport Beach

JB Hoover found his passion for homebuilding towards the end of his college years, when a friend and business contact introduced him to the field. Intrigued, Hoover decided to delve deeper and see if he wanted to further pursue a career in construction – and was promptly hooked. Now, with over a decade of experience under his belt, JB Hoover has developed into a deft leader and project manager able to adeptly guide a project from its initial assessment to final completion.

Based in Newport Beach, JB Hoover is the acting Principal and Founder of National Quality Construction- a national company specializing in overseeing the contracting and management processes for the rehabilitation of distressed homes. Previously, he served as the Vice President of Construction for a Custom Boutique Homebuilder in San Clemente, California. In this role, Hoover handled over fifteen multi-family housing projects at any given time, and was responsible for ensuring that each project remained successful at every stage – from bid procurement to property disposition. An active team leader, JB Hoover also routinely managed subcontractors, consultants, architects, engineers, trainees, and his own team of 20+ employees to make sure that all properties were managed and developed according to company expectations. That said, Hoover’s roles are not limited to personnel management; he himself is additionally responsible for conducting research and due diligence on all potential products, as well as for coordinating with outside appraisers, realtors, and title and escrow companies to ensure that all needed scheduling, reporting, and negotiating occurs in a timely fashion.

In Newport Beach, JB Hoover’s current work predominantly revolves around Real Estate Owned (REO) projects, or those involving properties that become available after foreclosure auctions fail to attract a buyer. For Hoover, taking on an REO project serves as an opportunity to make something good out of otherwise unhappy circumstances. In taking responsibility for a foreclosed home, JB has the chance to make a positive change with his own two hands by fixing up otherwise unwanted homes and selling the newly polished property. For Hoover, the pressure and work involved in the task of revamping and selling a property is all made worth it when he sees his work directly benefit a young couple or family looking to set down roots and call one of his properties home.

Outside of work in Newport Beach, JB Hoover is an avid movie buff who often watches as many as five movies per month – and while he will watch nearly anything, he has a particular appreciation for comedy. Hoover also loves to travel internationally; his journeys have taken him across four continents and back. He looks forward to learning, working, and adventuring further as he continues his career.

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