The construction industry is in a state of change, prompted by environmental concerns, social reform, and new business models. Together, these factors are helping a few new trends to take the construction industry into a new era.

Prefabricated Dwellings are in Demand
There are several reasons consumers are more interested in prefabricated dwellings today than even just a few years ago. First, they are much cheaper to erect, far outweighing the cost of building a new structure on site. Additionally, prefabricated structures are manufactured in a facility, where waste can be recycled and reused, which reduces the waste created on traditional construction sites.

3D Printing is Changing the Way Buildings are Created
3D printing technology is changing every industry and construction is no different, making it cheaper than ever before to create new materials. Already in use, the Semi-Automated Mason lays 3,000 bricks per day, helping to cut down construction time in addition to providing more economical resources.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
This is a new technique designed to bring designers together with the construction crews who build the structures. Enhanced communication is helping to eliminate design flaws that cause delays in construction and wasted materials. Building Information Modeling (BIM) creates three-dimensional computer simulations of the design, so builders can get a better grasp of the structure and identify problems before the construction begins.

Consolidation is Coming to the Construction Industry
Traditionally, the construction has been splintered into smaller companies bidding on jobs that larger corporations have taken on. In some cases, this affects the quality of work and the adherence to safety protocols on the work sites. Now, however, larger construction outfits are buying out those smaller companies. As this trend continues, it’s expected to unite the construction industry and bring more stability to the industry.

Construction is Going Green
There are many different approaches underway to help the construction industry become more environmentally friendly. Large buildings are now being erected with timber, making the industry’s products more eco-friendly. Similarly, construction companies are employing newer technologies to make the building process more friendly to the environment. Intelligent lighting and revamped power generation capabilities are just a few ways the construction industry is minimizing damage to the environment. From reducing waste to employing better energy usage tactics, the construction industry is making great strides in reducing our footprint on the environment.